2006 GEM E4 - battery, supercharger problems

I have a 2006 Gem e4 and I have the R4F 7.5 motor. Its been reprogrammed, larger tires and rims, R4F supercharger installed and I just put in Trojan T1275 batteries. I cant seem to get the battery meter on the car to register a charge. I can see on the super charger that it is charging but on the display its always showing on bar left. Any suggestions on this? Please help.

The problem is the T1275. I put in the same batteries and come to find, they’re just too big for GEM’s. There’s nothing wrong with using these bigger batteries, but they’re going to throw your charger meter (like mine) way off. To register some type of normal charge, you’ll have to ‘double charge’ the batteries. Once your first charge is done, turn off your charger, and then charge them again. These batteries can handle a lot. Let me know if that registers anything.

In hindsight - we should have bought the Trojan 30XHS.