2005 GEM eL just purchased, not running

Hello. Getting ready to bring my new 2005 eL back to life.Last owner bought it almost 3 years ago, used it once and let it sit un-charged since. Batteries were new but definitely need to be replaced. Currently on the 6th floor of a parking garage, and needs to be pushed or pulled to ground floor, and then moved to 3miles my garage.

It does not seem to be able to roll forward with parking brake off when pushed by one person, and did not want to force it. Any ideas on moving it safely out of parking structure?
Is there a safe way to tow a GEM with a strap 3 miles to get it home, or does it need to be trailered when I get it to the ground floor?

Other main issue is the motor, which was installed before last purchase, 3 years ago. It is marked: SN M-11-2002, MFR P/N DE3-4009ALR3.7dx*, OEM P/N 36/48V4
I believe that this motor may be for a 36- 48 volt vehicle. The previous owner got an overheating code the one time he ran it. Any advice?

Thanks for your help.

Your motor is wrong. That motor is a 48volt unit used in golf cars. Your 2005 is a 72 volt system. The 19 spline GE bolt pattern is common on Club Car, Yamaha, and others. Many of the components such as the speed sensor, insulators, terminal leads, and ball bearing will interchange with a GEM. But, the field and armature are wound for 48 volt and not 72 volt. The lower ohms of this motor could damage the controller. The higher voltage can damage the motor. You will need to switch to a correct OEM or after market 72 volt GE 19 spline motor. If the GEM is hard to push,it is likely the brakes are dragging. This is very common. The cables may be frozen or the parking brake lever inside either drum may be frozen. Both of these issues are easily repaired. I would avoid towing the GEM three miles if the brakes are frozen. It may be possible to resell that motor to offset some of your costs.


Daniel, thanks for confirming my suspicion about the motor.

If I can free up the brakes, do I need to disconnect any electrical devices /main switch before towing with a strap to prevent damage?


I would open the master switch.

Thanks Daniel