2004 el

I have a 2004 gem el with new batteries. It does not want to run. With parking brake off, car on jackstands, when depressing acc pedal, it will accellerate to 10mph then gradually decrease to 1 or stop. Does not matter if it is in reverse, dl or dh. Brake indicator on the panel is always on. When i turn off the key switch, the comes goes and will not go off til i set the parking brake. I checked the micro on the brake handle, it works properly. I dont see any codes anywhere. Can ya help? ? ? ?

Just for the hell of it unplug the OBD display plug from the controller and see if it will run.

This is a shot in the dark.

With the switch off and the brake handle down does the buzzer sound?

New batteries can be bad or go bad. They should be checked individually and as a pack. Hook them up one at a time after charging. Check them while the vehicle is moving. Watch for one or more batteries that drop off quickly. Make sure they all took a charge before starting this process. Batteries seem to be the biggest problem with GEMs. They really are great transportation. It’s too bad Polaris doesn’t support them like they used to be. Barry Chico, California.:bullettrain_side:

Yes, the buzzer sounds while the brake is off. What does that mean?

Batteries are ok, voltage doesnot drop below 75 volts at controller