2005 GEM - discharge after 2-5 minutes of running

Maybe this is a better forum than the main? I have a 2005 GEM e4. I replaced all my batteries with new AGM, then I got a new charger from ride4fun (set to AGM charge F4). Batteries charge up nicely, all shows good. I drive for 2-5 minutes and the display flickers (no error code) and then the car dies. If I have the car “on” and the brake is off, the beep sounds, but otherwise no sign of life.

When this happens I check the charger and the charger is reading 15-20%. Then it charges up and I can repeat the whole cycle.

It seems to me like I am running out of battery life? Ride4Fun thinks its a controller issue - just wondering if I should check anything else before pulling the controller.


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