2005 Build Update

Between being sick and all the other volunteer stuff this has been going slower than I wanted; not to mention WORK uggg…

Anyhow thought I would post some picks of the build, I am working on two GEM’s at once one is my personal build the other is for use in my volunteer duties.

OK First pics are of the donor vehicles…

Here is the tear down and frame painting stage

And some assembly work

Thanks to OldHouseBoater for a good deal on a RFF motor, INWO for the magic magnet the new trans-axle is installed, motor mounted and the software to reprogram the T3 in hand. Next steps are to install the wiring harnesses, install aux power system, hood is off for gel coating.

well I got the car up and running Friday night, still not complete but driveable and significant progress made. The hood got gel-coated and I made some modifications to get the batteries installed and rear spat on (that was fun) with stock programming the car will climb the hill at my house at 19mph so I am looking forward to getting the correct settings made. The rear LED lighting looks great and is BRIGHT so I am hoping to avoid being rear ended by stupid people.

Started getting more of the lighting and aux electrical systems up and running last night. Tested the tail light flasher, stereo system, high beam forward lighting… Apparently I cannot upload a video :frowning:

couple more things installed over the weekend before toasting the safety switch which diverted my time away. Got the LED turn signals installed, the headlights up and running, the headlight flasher wired in and a few other odds and ends done. I am installing a cut-off switch for the street mode switch so that if others are driving it I can lock out the higher performance mode.

wiring is sooooooo slow but it is coming along; I am a bit anal about my wiring everything has to marine grade and glue heat shrink tubed to reduce corrosion or moisture intrusion into the wiring which my GEM has suffered greatly from… Got the 12vDC system re-done with my own HD fuse block, upgraded the wiring to the PDSM, installed the monitor etc. Working in the dash area is super tight and routing is a pain but it will be all nice and clean when I get done. I am adding a relay setup so I can switch between the converter and the on board 12V AGM battery if I don’t want to drain the main pack.

I also received my Electric car charging station adapter so I can use the charging stations at work or downtown.

well I got the hitch installed yesterday, you would think that the holes would be the proper size that the two pieces are supposed to go together (hitch frame mount and hitch itself) but no had to re drill the entire hitch :frowning: hangs a bit lower than I would like or is necessary so hopefully it does not drag on the driveway etc, might be a project for a welder to shorted that up a bit whcih would also reduce the twisting force on the frame mounts… Got the new disconnect switch wired in, the Batt Six system installed although that is having it’s own issues I have to figure out.

updated pics

Does that thing run on propane?

lol I was thinking of trying it on Diesel but the motor may not like it much…

Nice work, But (IMHO) I don’t like the two lights bolted on top of head lights (red neck style)… Everything else is Very professionally done… You do good work.

“That thing got a HEMI!”

[quote=Rascal;30761]Nice work, But (IMHO) I don’t like the two lights bolted on top of head lights (red neck style)… Everything else is Very professionally done… You do good work.

“That thing got a HEMI!”[/quote]

being one of the older hoods it had the holes for the hood latched there so I used them :slight_smile: I actually like the bug eyes on the top of it and they give a great angled down light output as they are insanely bright… I have not been high beamed as of yet…

What is this charging station adapter? Does it allow you to plug this 110v car into a public charge location? I need details! Thanks!

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yes it adapts the EV charging station plug into the plug under the hood for the onboard charger. It has a chip in it to fools the EV charger to output the 240 15 amp mode.

For a fee…

Just kidding, sorry for the delay in responding. The company is J1772 Adapter | Home

I specifically purchased the J1772 To Zero Adapter at the bottom of the page.

I’m glad I didn’t ask for fries with that. A little pricy for this small town California retired guy. We only have one public charging station in town and its at the beer factory. However it would be nice to know that it was available in an emergency. Heeers your fries.:fries::fries::fries::fries:

Which version of the J1772 to Zero did you buy?