2003 BDI shuts off on start?

Ok so this is my first post here so bare with me. I tried searching the forum but had no luck. I have a 2003 gem 4 seater that is stock under the hood. Batteries are newer. I have owned for about 5 years now and driven regularly. Didn’t drive much over the last winter and now when I go to start up here is what I get.
Turn key over and here the contact in dash ingage
BDI turns on like it should displays miles then goes to all 0000’s and shuts off.
If I drop the e brake during this buzzer sounds like it should also can here the e brake “click” if you will when the brake is lowered.
When BDI goes blank and shut key off can hear contact disconnect like it should.
Batteries are all good checked each one "was doing maintenance check from winter before driving"
If anyone has any advice or direction it would be greatly appreciated . Really miss driving my buggy and already got dirty looks from the kids for not having it ready for july4th this past weekend.

Start with the simplest.
Check voltage at battery while starting.
If good check at pin one at controller.

It seems a bad connection might power the display until main contactor pulls voltage down.

Do you get an 04 code when you turn on the key with the brake handle up.

No error codes and on the voltage drop its not like the lights turn off when the contactor engages normally the BDI lights up and give the mileage then when drop the brake the speedometer turns on but when it turns on goes to only 2 00’s with my issue its going with literally 000000 and then goes blank. I wish I got an error code or something to go off of. I will try the voltage when turning ignition on because I will take any advice but don’t believe its my issue at all. One reason I believe that is when BDI goes blank if I lost all voltage then there shouldn’t be enough to work the ebrake and buzzer but I maybe wrong. Either way thanks for the input so far any help is appreciated.