2002 - State of Charge(SoC) display reset

Does anyone know how to adjust the SoC display on a 2002 e825? There is not trip/odometer button so I can’t try the turn signal dance to set the percentage.

After doing the lithium upgrade I’d like to have the SoC gauge to show some data since it’s what I always look at and I’ve not weather proofed a BMS display yet.

SOC is from the controller. It can be programmed somewhat. (I think)

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Ok, I think I found a programming document somewhere and will look for it and see what’s there which looks like SOC display. Thanks.

Keep us updated. I am doing a lithium update and would like to see if changing the display is possible as well on a 2002. Thanks

SOC at 95% with 3.51V per cell( 77.2V @ 22S).
3.4V/cell(74.8 @22S) is stated to be 50% charge so I’ll take it out one more time and see what the display shows.
3.49V/cell(76.7V @22S) showed as 70% on the display so it might not needing much adjusting.

IIRC, 50% was in the 72V range.