2002 Gem E825 Stake Bed Makeover

Just thought i would throw a few pictures of my completed “for now” project. I, i mean my wife, bought it at auction for $1800 and it has been sitting around for years as other projects took the lead. I attacked it earlier this year and just finished the last piece…again…for now…

Check List:
New Batteries (6) - US31DCXC ($1500)
Stripped, sanded, rattle canned color and clear several coats each to hood/mud flaps (Mostly time spent and $30ish)
New wheel, tires, lug nuts with locks ($650)
New (nonconnected) front hood plug outlet to fill hole;PO installed wrong year hood ($20)
New LED bulbs into original headlight housings ($32)
New brake pedal spring and retrofit to solve pedal return issue ($25)
New white molding/edging ($20)

Improvements $777
Batteries $1500
Original Cost $1800

Total so far $4077ish

Some might say it wasn’t worth it, but considering how happy my wife is with it and the fun dates we have around town, its priceless…


And you had the fun of working on the project. Came out awesome.

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Thanks sir. Yes I did.

Came out looking awesome!

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