2002 GEM e825 - alternating two-tone audible alert when charging

Our 2002 GEM e825 has been sitting uncharged for the past 3 months. When plugged in an alternating two-tone audible alert sounds. This happened once before when I deviated from the correct procedure of plugging in and then hitting the master switch under rear seat. This time however every attempt to do it correctly still produces the audible alert. Solutions???

Guessing you have a Zivan Charger?
Do you also have a LED on your dash pod flashing any colors?

Chances are that your Bat Pack has dropped below what it considers a serviceable level. Depending on how low your pack has dropped, this may be an easy thing or a hard thing to restart.

Do you have a meter? Check your batteries and see where they are. Check them all. Hopefully they are all about the same and above 10v. It might also be a good time to check water levels if you have wet cells in there.

Standard procedure is to scrounge up a 12v car charger and give each one some time and see if you can get each one up above 11.5v (I think) and see if your charger will restart. You don’t need to disconnect any batt cables, but it is good to shut off your main batt disconnect for this.