2002 GEM, car powers off immediatly

My car was in an altercation with a tree (thank you kids), now the only way the car shows even a slight chance of power is by:
Have to turn on the master from off, then turn on the key, miles display and then immediatly turns off. i have repeat those steps in order to get any display at the guage. I can’t simply turn the key off and on. I have to reset the master each time. It doesn’t stay on long so there don’t appear to be any error codes.
There is 72 volts at the motor, and charging appears to work as normal.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I assume you mean the GEM was in a collision? Check for any broken or shorted wiring where the impact occurred. Check for blown fuses on the DC/DC convertor.


Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 2002?

[QUOTE=pontellt;9950]Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 2002?[/QUOTE]

Checkout “files” link on yahoo nev group.

Did you ever solve the problem i think i have the same one

well i have no power to the key switch cant figure it out had to walk away from this gem for a couple of weeks its driving me nuts