2001 e825 Hood hinge placement and adjustment

OK, total brain lock, I removed my hood to have it painted a couple of years ago. I am trying to reinstall and I am having a heck of a time getting everything to line up. Did i mention I took the hinges apart and took no photos so have no point of reference. Have looked at all the parts and maintenance manuals but still cant seem to make it all fit. Would someone please post some detailed photos, PLEASE!

What year is yours?
Does this help?

Here’s a shot from a 2002 e825. You can see how hood is mounted.

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Thanks! Exactly what I needed.

I have a 2001. I think some of my issues are the hinges are all beat up and bent. I also have an aftermarket fiber glass hood and fenders and they are not matching up well at all. So multiple issues.

I find the whole design is pretty flimsy anyway. Seeing as how these things were more/less hand built anyway, this is probably a good excuse to come up with something better.

I seem to remember a post here of someone’s alternative hinge arrangement so it opened wider. You might search a bit and see.