2000 controller

Has anyone had any luck reprograming the ge controller, I am getting tree digit code -105 gen said the controller needs reprograming, or a new one

That code is new to me. I have never seen a three digit code either. However, I have added two more error codes that do not appear in the factory service manual. My list of General Electric controller codes can be found here:
I would recommend calling the factory service department and explaining the problem. I have never been able to get help from General Electric. They say the motor and controller (both made by GE) are OEM and to call GEM. How were you able to find what the -105 code indicates? My manual cover all of the pre- 2005 GEM models and there is no such code listed. Could you post exactly what fault your source says code -105 indicates?

I know that Ride-For-Fun will examine, repair, and reprogram GE controllers.


Hi Daniel,

the code info came from gem, they think it is the controller giving a message, that it has lost it programming since the unit has not been operated in 3 yrs sitting without batters hooked up, I installed new batteries, cleaned and or replaced power cables, the alarm from the parking brake sounds all the time in drive out of drive no turf gear, no reverse, and forward is the inn road only, pulled the motor, it checks fine under load and at speed, when driving the car it seems like (speaking of ac motors) the start capacitor is ok but the run does not kick in, or its on the run side all the time and the start capacitor does not kick in. I have personally done quite a bit of motor control over the years, dc/ac and work on Ge controllers; it looks like a Ge code? I have registered the car with gem, and there is some outstanding recall stuff, that I will get done ad go from there, thanks in advance


By the way, a 105 code is a ge eeprom error code, I am looking into the code, what I am thinking if the controller junk, I will need a new one I will than is useing breakout board start hunting the issues with the controller.

I have seen on Ebay a patch cable and CD ROM that allows programming of the controller. I have one of these made for the Curtis controller in our Cushman and EZ-GO equipment. I remember seeing one made for the GEM GE controller. After ten years, we’ve never had a GEM controller go bad yet. They sell for a few hundred on Ebay. RFF will test and reprogram them as well.

Check my list of superseded parts for some of the recalls:

I imagine there are any more that I do not know about. First one to look for is the DC/DC converter. If this is a printed circuit board, it is in need of update. They catch fire if and when they get wet. Several of ours still have the burn marks under the hood. Initially, GEM sent people out with duct tape to fix the leaks. Once the initial bugs were worked out, our three early GEMs proved to be quite reliable.