2 thinks

hi Ed… time flies when you’re having fun… have you measured the distances between the studs on the hub… that should give you a starting point for finding the wheel… I don’t know anyone who has or builds Th!nks … maybe take it to a tire store and have them measure for you… I’d think… like the GEM car the lug pattern would be a 4x4 or 4mm


Bob, Tks for the reply… Ain’t that the truth about time flying… I see you used Marlon for your motor? Do you have a contact email or phone no for him? I have so many irons in the fire but I Love that Ford Think…

best to text him… 619-274-4044… wmgrd ar cox,net … mzendejas at cox

Yes, Awesome… Tks so much. So, what is your top speed with that big motor and big tires?

ssssssssh… I’ve been to 50mph… it was the State’s fault… they re-paved a stretch of street that is a 40mph posted street… I’d come from a 35mph street… make a left on a light and could make it the mile to the next light before the traffic behind me caught up… one had I reversed the trip and was up to 50 in a half mile and had the other half to slow to a stop at the light… it did prompt my need for a little more stopping help… the motor was still pulling but I thought better of going faster… don’t want to be the first GEM car crashed in Colorado


I Love it, tks for sharing your “friends” escapades… Truly inspirational… that would definitely get me a ticket here in Florida…

Great thread. Am I missing something as I don’t see any pics mentioned.