2 EVs 1 Charger?

We are adding our first Level 2 charger to our home… knowing that my wife wants another within the next 12-18 months and my three kids are going to be within driving age in a couple years, we will most likely add another EV (or two) to our family. Is it worth adding two Level 2 changers instead of one at this time?

My reasoning is the cost savings by having the electric panel upgraded right off the bat, running the electrical lines plus install will cost less doing two at the same time vs having another electrical install in 12-18 months. Everything should also be initially sized for the increased system load too.

Being new to EVs, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel and figure someone else must have already encountered this issue. Do homes with two or more EVs have more than one charger? What is the best approach for this?

We have two Teslas’s and one home charger - no issues at all.
Most chargers, Tesla, JuiceBox, ClipperCreek and others also allow you to daisy chain the chargers together if you need to using the same circuit.
So we have on Tesla Home charger on a 60amp circuit, I can add a second Tesla charger on the same circuit and if both cars are plugged in each gets 30amps. So it kinda future proofs you.

If you like the Tesla chargers there is a company that take the Tesla charger and puts a J1772 connector on it so you can use it for any BEV or a Tesla. We have four of them at my office and they work great. I can find you the link if you are interested. I think they are like 800.00 which in on par with most good chargers that you can daisy chain.