Please advice on charger for vacation rental


I am having a new electric panel installed in our vacation rental and would like to run a line and connection that renters could use for charging their electric cars. Our rental is about 1 hour from Portland Oregon and close to Mt Hood so seems reasonable for EV’s and the rental agency thought is very excited with the idea.

The rental has a private driveway close to one side of the house. As it is now the cars pull up about 12’ (tweleve feet) parallel to the side of the house. I am thinking to have the charger set up on the house wall and have a cord (?) to come out to the cars. Note that if we stuck up the charger like a pedestal at the end of the drive way would be issues when we have the driveway plowed for snow in the winter.

So am wondering what rating (amps/volts) and type of connection or connector(s) would be useful to most of the EV owners and not to expensive for me to install (would be nice if whole set up cost less than $1k). We could also different ones on same box like 20 or 30 amp 110V and 50 amp 240V etc.

Thanks and Cheers Wes Lapp

GE makes various car chargers which I believe are called “Wattstations”. You would likely want to wire for 240 volts, which charge much faster than the 120 v. type. I’ve just ordered their wall unit for my Miev, and it costs around 1K. The price goes up for multiple car hook-ups and stand-alone types. Google GE car chargers for more info.