1999 Gem E825. What charger do I have?

My 1999 E825 styopped charging, although the charger fan does run.
I finally got around to getting into the dash, and discovered that I have an

SPS Electronics Inc.10 A Battery Charger
p/n 14255 72 72 Volt
Serial Number 2261
Date March 2001

I remember that we had a factory update installed during a service, so that must be when that charger was installed. I checked with the SPS Electronics Web site, and they apparently don’t make chargers any more.

Any source of information so I can try troubleshooting the charger?
Any idea of someone who repairs them?

As far as replacements, I believe that I’ve seen the Ride-for-Fun charger recommended. (1999-2001 GEM Car Ride-4-Fun SuperCharger).

Does anyone use external chargers? Would that be cheaper than $649.00 to implement?

I appreciate this forum!


I have new DQ chargers in the “for sale” section.
I may be able to come up with a used one too.