Need Charger for GEM E825

I’m in need of a charger for my GEM E825 1999.


What brand charger is in your GEM? What voltage is the system, 48 or 72? There were several different chargers used on early GEMs. There is also an aftermarket replacement that I have tested in my employer’s GEMs.


Hi Daniel,
I have a Schott Charger a 72 volt system. Looking for and aftermarket charger possibly… Have you tested the (Quick Charge) Select-A-Charge On Board 72 Volt 10 Amp Charger SCO7210 Programmable On Board.?

I have tested the Quick Charge Select-A-Charge. The model number to order is the SCOLVT7220 . This unit adds low voltage recharge capability. If your batteries run down too far, just push the red button for a few minutes and the charger will continue as normal. This eliminates the need to charge each battery one at a time if they get too low. Our charger, installed in a 2005 GEM was about $400. Customer service has been good and they will answer any technical questions. The unit is easy for a competant mechanic to install, easy to use, and makes no noise while charging. See below the link to my previous post about the installation.