1999 Gem charging issues

Working on a 1999 Gem that has red green with beep. It started charging with red lighting then unplugged round connector on charger and it started back beeping red green. Having heck of time figuring this app out.

Update: just had Zivan upgraded and returned from California. Plugged it in just the same as the photo I took. I have lead acid batteries that are about a year old. Couple seem a little weaker but seem within tolerance. I plugged power in and got a steady red light. Great I thought just let it charge, but now the LED gauge showing power levels and / or error codes is not working. It worked fine before. Help. ![image|666x500, 50%](upload://8kfCJx1QU1qSqlJ8pDyEJ9jn[date=2019-12-19 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]wwX.jpeg)

Just to let you know … kinda feel stupid but I’m learning as I go.

To my post I found that all I had to do is unplug the power and sure enough my LED display works. Amazing. Thanks for your help and have good merry laugh and Christmas.