Charger light blinking red

I installed new NAPA gel batteries in my Gem in March, and had my Zivan charger upgraded. All has been wonderful! I recently moved the Gem via trailer to my camp which is another town. I ran it around to make sure that everything was ok after the move, and all was great! I plugged it in and left. I checked it yesterday (it has been about 2 1/2 weeks), and the charge indicator light was blinking red, although it registered 100% charge. I unplugged it, did some work there, and plugged it in again before I left. Any thoughts as to why it is blinking red? According to the book, a blinking red light means 80% charge, but the meter reads 100% charge.

Check for a loose power cord. Anytime power is broken, the charger will reset. A weak battery will also cause an extra long charge time. Look for warmer than usual batteries. However, the charger would have timed out long before two weeks. Those % charge meters are very inaccurate.