1984 GMC S15 Sierra

Daily driver bring cash and drive it home.

All original 6cyl. 4 spd Clean body, Interior ,and title

Valid inspection thru 05/10

It is all original v6 2.8lL runs strong geared well w/4 on floor ps pb everything but the radio works just finished reworking

radio harness and may have speakers in garage Motor runs strong but smokes,

This is one of the best electric conversions available, S15 is rated at 3/4 ton allowing for cargo after additional weight due to batteries

all photos posted looks old, any hi-resolutions?.. your gmc parts like your seats are not good…

The photos were shot in October of this year, 2009:confused:

One reason they may appear old is because the truck IS OLD.:rolleyes:

In regards to my seats , you don’t know me like that.:laugh:

I have found another truck for 500. down the road that has a good motor and seat that’s about it.

I have a 10kw generator head that I bought from Harbor Freight that I was wondering if I could use in place of an electric motor? Anyone around here reversed engineered a setup like that?

I will shoot some more shots as soon as the rain lets up , thanks for looking pat