10MM RBGW (RED BLUE GREEN WHITE) Waterproof LED Lights installation process for 09 E4

Here is the specs and instructions in the package

This is page 2 of the instructions

View of the box for reference


You can see they are protected lights. Others available and very similar are not for exterior use

The remote;

Comes with 3M trim tape

BUY THE FOLLOWING EXTRAS–Wire to lights splice plugs see pic, and a roll of wire. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE SPLICES as they come for non-waterproof–wire to wire and light to light and wire to light… MAKE SURE YOU GET WIRE TO LIGHT as shown, they are non-strip wire connectors.

Cut the pig tail off the inverter so it can be hardwired to 12V (THEY ARE 12V LIGHTS)


Remove the dash for easy installation

Splice the pig tail onto an unused plug ( I FOUND ONE UNDER THE DASH NOT BEING USED and had the other end in my parts bin)

Wired into dash on right side of dash, you can see the black pig tail plugs into the driver. This driver is WIFI and IR for a remote

Size of sensors

After testing everything, this is were the actual IR sensor is above the dash on the A pillar for the remote

Clean the path of that you will run the lights. I have doen it before so I have a process.

  1. Spot the path
  2. Clean the path so the trim tape will stick (i used 409 then alcohol)
  3. Install the trim tape where you want the lights, dont stretch the trim tape or it will pull itself off the body
  4. Measure the tape so you can cut the lights correctly —READ DIRECTIONS AND UNDERSTAND HOW TO AND WHERE TO CUT THE LIGHTS.
  5. Lay out the wire between the lights
  6. Hook up and test everything before you attach the wire to the 3M tape. It will ruin the lights to try and remove the lights from the trim tape. I have done this.
  7. Remove the double sided tape form the back of the lights, you only need the 3M tape. Do this slowly so you do not damage the lights. Using both tapes will release. The tape that comes on the lights is kind of crappy. It will hold for a few months then it will start falling off.
  8. I make the lights about 2 inches longer than the 3m tape so I can hook up the connectors easily
  9. I will use clear silicon on both sides of the connector to keep them waterproof and dry. It iwll also hold them in place

Lights under drivers side front wheel well

Lights down drivers side body

Lights going up by drivers side battery compartment

Connection on rear area lights to wire so I could run wire from this section back to rear spat section. This allows you to make angle changes, not waste the lights and its easier to run wire through tight areas over trying to get the lights through there (this is where I will use clear silicon)

Connect at rear spat

lights under rear spat (I have a custom made rear spat and basket)

How it looks in garage

Outside at night Not the best pics
You can change the color easily with the remote. Purple is my daughters favorite, I like the green but it did not photograph well. Red looks the best in pictures.

I ran the lights starting on the right front corner top of the wheel well down the body to the battery compartment. Changed to wire and ran the wire through the frame section to the rear spat. Here i switched back to the lights and ran lights across the entire rear section, then switched back to wire. Wire to the the rights side of the battery compartment then back to lights. Lights from battery compartment to front drivers side wheel well. I changed to wire again and ran wire to the center of the front section under the motor. I used lights under the front section as well. In all I used about 26 feet of lights. I had left over light materials from other projects. Some of the kits come with 2 rolls of lights.

This project cost me about (less than) $50 and took about 2.5 hours. It is a super simple DIY project. If you need help or have a question hit me up.

Great lighting-can you show us more pics and details on your custom ‘spat’?

Car is buried currently in the garage. Under its winter coat of EVERYTHING I own… lol…

I will be breaking it out soon and will send you some more pics but here are a few.

I had the rear spat made in Fort Worth.


Don Clesson did the work, he fabed the spat and did the lift. I also bought the wheels and tires from him. If you have him make you one, have him paint it there. I waited and powder coated mine. It was a huge pain in the #$s…Should have had Don paint it.

Hey I don’t know how I missed this, but thanks for taking the time to detail your install. Looks great

Are you doing the battery conversions? My batteries will need to be replaced soon. When they go out I want to do the LIO swap.

I watched your posts and wanted to give the same level of detail I see in your posts. I tried!

Your project looks great. I’ll be copying your style of install after I’m done with my lithium conversion. After the cart runs again of course.