New Interior LED Lights

I spent the morning installing a 12V LED tape light kit around the roof line inside my GEM. The outcome is awesome. This was a very simple project.
I used 1-16 foot white only dimmable LED Tape light kit. The kits utilizes a remote on and off switch that also has a dimmer, see the picture of the remote.

I needed;

  1. a set of wire strippers
  2. a pair of wire cutters
  3. 3 zip ties
  4. Some blue masking tape

Unfortunately all the pictures I took during the install did not come out so I only have the finished product to show.

I hooked up the lights to test them off a single battery.
Then using the blue tape to hold the LED tape lights in the route I laid out to ensure I had enough.
Then I wired the remote sensor directly to one of my batteries (I will move this to the fuse block soon).
I tested the lights once more where I had them to make sure they looked good
I cleaned the area well with soap and water so the tape on the back of the lights would stick.
I then peeled the paper off the LED Tape lights and pressed them in place.
I had to go back and really make sure that all the areas between the lights were firmly secured.
I used zip ties to attach the remote activator and wires the the battery securing bar temporarily until I can run everything back to the fuse box.

I took a picture of the kit I used. I did not use the 110v power converter supply or the additional connectors provided.

This is a fully remote, dimmable LED system that sells for about $30 on Amazon. I will be purchasing 3 more RBGWW (red-blue-green-warm white)remote kits for under the dash and under the car.
This took about 1.5 hours.

I will post pictures of what it looks like at night, tonight.

One is full bright, one is mostly dimmed and the last is through the back window.

The indian blanket, it keeps my dog from trashing my seats.

I’d love to see the pictures. Did they disappear somewhere?

The pictures are no longer here but I am changing all my LED’s to RGBW full spectrum lights. I got them on Amazon a few days ago. I have 32’ of lights. The old lights where primarily indoor lights and these are fully exterior. I will post the installation and final pics soon.

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