08 e4 hard steering

hello i have an 08 e4 and the steering on it is very difficult. i was told the 08s have better steering than 07s or older and the wheel should turn just as easy as any other golf cart, but mine is def tough.
can anyone point me in a direction as to what to look for?

How long have you had this car? Is it new to you? Has it always been this way or slowly getting tougher?

Is this when stopped and becomes easier when moving?

Describe your setup a bit more-
Do you have wider than stock tires on your car?

Try getting the front wheels off the ground and trying it again. Obviously, it will be easier but do you still feel significant resistance?

Crawl down under the car and inspect the rack. Are the boots torn?
If I remember correct, there is an adjustment to take up any slop. Perhaps it is too tight.

It could be the rack just needs to be rebuilt and re-greased.

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I have a 2002 that I need to look at steering to see if there is a way to make it a bit easier. Now I know is not power steering but still seems it should turn better than my 1966 VW Bug.

00-04 steering being hard is normal.
You have two options:

  1. contact Rodney @Old_Houseboater about an ez-steer
  2. get 2 gallons of gas, douse the cart and toss a lit match at it and claim insurance. Then go buy a 2006 or newer.