02 with no odometer

I just got a 2002 GEM ELxd (I think) with the 6 foot truck bed and heavy duty suspension. It had no batteries so I’ve just installed 6 Exide Nautilus Deep-Cycle 115 AH batteries and got the car working.

When you shut off the key it displays two readings and shuts off. First it displays 000000 and then switches to 001440. I assume the first digits are supposed to be the miles traveled (odometer) and the 001440 is the hours of operation. The odometer doesn’t increase as I drive and I haven’t had it powered on long enough to see if the hours increases yet.

Any ideas?

Bob in MA

I guess I had always assumed it lit all the led’s as a test, then displays the milage.

So that’s normal for the 2002? I seem to remember reading that it tracked both hours and miles. When I get the stuck rear brake fixed I’ll have to drive it around and note the readings.

When I got it running I had to fix a few issues including a blown fuse (bashed taillight shorted the light circuit) and no brake lights (bad switch). I need to make some battery hold-downs for the under-seat set of 4 batteries. The Polaris/GEM parts book doesn’t show the parts for my serial number range. I wonder what others are using?

Update: The odometer does indeed work. When you turn it off it goes to the 6-digit odometer and then to all 0’s. I guess that’s how it’s supposed to work so mine is OK.

Bob in MA

Good to know as I never had the chance to check on mine. Thanks.