Zivan NG1 Error Code Clarification

Hi just short question, I have an NG1 and have read the manual and also seen the sticky on the error codes but I need one little clarification that I can’t seem to find the answer to. My NG1 seems to charge my pack just fine however the LED blinks in each charge state (Red, Yellow & Green) but it does not issue an audible alarm. Is this normal or are these truly error codes I’m getting and I should investigate further? When I say blinks by the way it’s not rapid, the led will be on for about 3-5 seconds then blink off then go back on.

I know the audible alarm works because when I was doing some checks on the batteries I forgot to hook one cable up and got the Red-Green flash WITH the audible alarm.

Thanks in advance


That sounds normal. You only get the beeping when there’s a problem; not for normal status indications. During the first part of the charge cycle mine goes blinking red, then switches to yellow, then green then (eventually) off. Only beeps 4 times in a rwo, a pause, then 4 times in a row again (I think). Sounds like “beepbeepbeepbeep, beepbeepbeepbeep” then red flashing LED and fan noise.