Zivan NG1 Battery Charger

Maybe I can ask the question in another way. Help Please. I disconnected the white and black wire (120V) to the Zivan NG1 charger. I am now not sure where they go back. I think the White or Neutral wire would go on the terminal marked CN2 Load and the Black wire would go on terminal CN1 for Line? Just not to sure and I do not want to plug in the 120V to charger without being sure.



The Zivan NG1 charger uses an IEC 320 female connector. This is the same type of connector used by most computers. The plug can only be inserted in one direction.

Thank you for the reply, However I am speaking about where the 120V plug connects inside the charger. It’s a pigtale with a spade connector on the Blk wire and a spade connector on the white wire. Unfortunately when I disconnected the spade connectors I did not mark or take a photo of which went where.

Thank you

After checking one of ours here in the shop, it appears the power input connector is soldered to the circuit board. I would suggest calling Electric Conversions, the US distributor for Zivan. They can be reached at (916) 441-4161. They have helped me in the past.


Update: I did call Zivan and CB1 = Blk or L1 and CB2 = White wire or Neutral.

Thank you guys for the replies and help!!