YAY Switches!

so I finally got my stereo console off e-bay and have been working on some of the tech/finish work while also doing the chassis cleaning and painting. I thought you might all enjoy the installation. The switch is very expensive but also very cool, 8 channel, programmable and controllable via BT. I wanted something I did not have to run wires up to and would be a small overall package. The picture is with none of the custom labels on it. I am still waiting on the stereo as Amazon can’t seem to hold to their guaranteed shipping anymore. Still have no idea how the stereo actually attached to this overpriced piece of plastic but will deal with that when I get the stereo.

If anyone is seriously interested in the switch please PM me I will do a group purchase…

and now with stereo and speakers :slight_smile:

pretty excited the stereo console is about done, I have the courtesy lamps installed, the stereo is completely wired up and now to just install the Siren/PA control head then the whole thing can get installed.

What size speakers did you use? What kind of antenna are you going to use and where will you post it? Did you drill the main tubing to run the power wire? Can we see a close up picture of the back side of the system? I’m nosey because my system has been waiting for me in my garage for ever. Thanks, Barry.:bullettrain_side:

I used a shallow Pioneer 6.5" speaker and when I pull the unit back down for final assembly I would be happy to take pictures of everything. The speakers did not require anything special and actually sound half way decent for a cheap shallow mount set. The deck I chose did not have a CD player and has hands free BT built in so I am legal for phone calls. I have not drilled the frame yet but will be on both sides as I have a bunch of stuff to run. I am using a flexible hidden antenna stuck to the inside of the console and it seems to work just fine to my surprise.

Thanks. Barry

As promised here are the pics from the backside of the stereo console… After taking the pictures I decided to add a lot of foam padding to reduce any vibration or rattling of wires, and such either by the audio or just going down the road. I also used a foam rubber tape all around the outer edge of the console so that there is a nice seal against the roof to again reduce an potential for vibration. On the left of the console is the 12V battery meter system monitor, in the center is the stereo and the 8 channel switch panel, on the right is the Siren/PA controller.