My 2002 e825 Upgrades

I bought a 2002 e825 a couple of months ago that was completely stock, so I decided to do a few upgrades. I replaced the motor with a Ride-4-Fun motor, added 14 inch wheels, a 12 volt outlet, and an overhead console with stereo, home link (garage door opener), courtesy light, and switch panel. I still have a number of projects to do, but at least I have it back together and drivable now.

I ordered wheels from No Limit Wheels, but the colors on their web site are not accurate. The wheels were orange instead of red. I had them sand blasted and re-powder coated red.

The stereo is a single din head unit with a touch screen that is slightly larger than single din size (a double din head unit will not fit due to the curve of the roof). The stereo plays DVDs and has a back up camera that switches on when the car is in reverse. I pulled the wires for rear speakers, but have not installed them yet.

One switch on the switch panel controls the LED courtesy light. The other switch is for RGB LEDs I plan on adding to speaker rings around each speaker and strips to go under the car. I included a blank switch position for a possible project in the future.

I had some trouble figuring out what hardware to use for mounting the console. I finally bought these “18-8 Stainless Steel Binding Post, for 1/4” to 3/8" Thick Material, 1/4" Diameter Barrel" from McMaster. I think that is what is referenced in the installation instructions posted elsewhere on this forum. I also added “Expanded PTFE Sealing Washer, 1/4” Screw Size, 0.250" ID, 0.500" OD, Packs of 5" on the top of the roof side to try and keep water from leaking in.

The custom red wheels:

The console installed:

The wiring inside the console:

The bottom of the console (the buttons are the home link and the white strip is the LED courtesy light):

The stereo and switch panel in the console:

What did yo pay for the wheel and tires? How much was the overhead console and where did you order it from? Looks great…

The wheels were around $110 each (before I paid to have them re-powder coated). The tires were around $50 each plus mounting and balancing.

The console came from Pure Parts Polaris. It was around $165.

console looks great

can you get a picture of the front outside the cart and roof, trying to see how the outside looks with the bolts from the console.

Here is a photo from the front. I added an external amplified antenna because the marine antenna that I had looped in the console was not getting good reception.

Great job on the overhead console. Do you have a link to the hard wear that you used to mount the overhead console? I’m going to be doing a similar install in the coming months

[quote=rviguet;28980]Here is a photo from the front. I added an external amplified antenna because the marine antenna that I had looped in the console was not getting good reception.

That turned out really nice, so far the inside adhesive antenna is working ok so I am hoping not to have to go external. As it is I have to get a antenna on the roof for the HAM radio…

No link other than McMaster-Carr
You should be able to search their web site using the descriptions:18-8 Stainless Steel Binding Post, for 1/4" to 3/8" Thick Material and 1/4" Diameter Barrel

How do you like the scuff guards?
Do they fit tight or are they loose?
I saw them on eBay from pure Polaris parts and I asked if they will fit a 2002 e825 4 seater before I order them but no response in over a week ��
Ps I also want to get PIAA bulbs for my headlights but can’t find out which ones to order, do you know?[/quote]

The scuff guards fit with a gap between their edge and the body tube. They were on the car when I got it. I don’t think I would bother putting them on myself if they were not already on it.

I have no idea on the bulbs.