YAY New solar technology is officially for sale and cheap!

Unlike a lot of other energy-crisis solving tech that bursts into vapor at the last minute, the award-winning and groundbreaking Nanosolar PowerSheets are actually on sale today. They’re super cheap, ultra-adaptable solar panels that can be printed on the side of pretty much anything, promising solar power anywhere you want it. At today’s launch, they still slide under coal’s $2.1-a-watt energy cost, though they’re not mass produced at the scale needed to bring it to the 30-cents-a-watt level they’re aiming for yet. But if they prove themselves on the field, the clamoring demand would quickly materialize for that kind of output.

Thanks for the post, I went to their website, to buy these, and it looks like they are sold out for the next twelve months. I signed up for their email notification so I can get some when they are available. Thanks, Eric

Can’t come quickly enough. Maybe another company will pop up and we can get a littly supply to go with our demand.

Looking forward to driving an electric car powered by home-generated electrons!

If the price is near what they are claiming it will be, and how flexible they are, I will cover my car in them, as well as have them at home! Wah hooo

yea, this is definately some GREAT news… especially for the 3rd world countries out there that are being forced by the first world countried over here to deal with “clean” power only despite their huge reserves of things like coal and all.

now they’ll have energy sources to keep their stuff going.

Wow…this is pretty exciting! I’ve waited for developments like this to make home solar power solutions more accessible. This can really do great things. I can’t wait until this becomes available to the diy market. I’m a nanosolar friend by email!!