New hope for Practical Solar

Before I started out to build my EV, i considered using PV panels, or Photovoltaic panels on my car. After punching the numbers, the idea was shot down by very unsubstantial numbers. Just recently i did some more research on latest PV technologies, and there is a company that is beginning to produce a higher spectrum PV technology. A higher spectrum means that the panel will capture more of the light spectrum, from infared to ultraviolet. Here is an article on the technology:

Now, to do the math again:

They claim that a cell the size of .04" will output a max of 2.6 Watts. However this is concentrated light, nonetheless it is a hurlte that can be overcome with the use of platic lenses over the cells.

If i were to just cover my roof:
My roof = 41" x 52" = 2,132 sq in
25 cells in an inch = 53,300 cells on the roof
53,300 cells output 138,580 Watts
My pack voltage requires 457.9 V, that is roughly 300A of charging current!

That is more than enough current to charge my battery pack while sitting idle. Imagine never plugging in your EV, and getting great range at the same time! If my EV used less than 300 A on a flat road, i could drive untill the sun went down. This is quite a breakthrough and if it could be adapted to an EV, we could easily have 1000+ mile range EV’s, with no grid-dependance.

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