Would like to change from AGM to LITHIUM

Is this as easy as 1 2 3??? Who can I call for help ?

Who you gonna call?


For help in the corporeal form call … @Inwo @LithiumGods @MikeKC @AssyRequired

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See recent posts for some options. $2200 to $4500.

Then there will be a mysterious meeting in a dark alley with shadowy figures in black trench coats. When you pull up, flash your headlights 3 times.
Afterwards, expect no memory of this meeting but your problems will be solved.
(or you may not remember you had a problem in the first place)

You might want to start by giving us details on your cart.
What your goals will be with this build,
What your abilties/skill set are.


have we ever met, how do you know me, i often never remember i had a problem… i am handicapped an typing and writing is not a strong point. 2016 e4 48 volt ,new to gem. would like to run about 35mph, no long runs just around town, current batteries on last leg,should , do i put new agm are put new system, Parkison has my ability to zero,have son an friends that will help, would like to load it up and bring it somewhere if much to do, BUDGET!!! until wife says that’s ENOUGH

2016 is an entirely different animal.
Battery swap is pretty easy, but any performance mods are generaly not diy.
What are your goals?

more speed cart runs 25 mph now

more speed cart runs 25 mph now

Yep- Some of the guys here have been working on that for a while.
The way I understand it - Short answer is there is no cheap/easy solution. The controller is locked up very tight. Many things have been tried.

The Quick/dirty solutions that offer some gain would be change tire size (minimal gain) or change out gears in the gearbox (not a job for the average mechanic).

The brute force solution is to swap out the motor controller to something that can be programmed, but that leaves the dash display in a “Frontal Labotomy” condition.

You get to walk around with a “All Warranties Voided” T-shirt and your picture is passed around at your local dealers.

thanks all , i guest 25 mph is where we stay!

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Don’t let that stop you from upgrading to Lithium (which is the title of your post).

  • How old are your batteries?
  • Where are you located?

As stated in the other post, If your pack is getting tired this is a fully do-able swap and worth the effort. This is something your son can do, (with your direction and occasional Gibbs back of the head slap if he needs it).

Reports say this gets you a bit more kick off the line, but also more range.
It’ll make your car fun and useful again.

i found a 2016 dealer demo used only in parades and the like. also waiting to see what gem will warranty on a 5year old cart that has never been registered. will be shipped next week from fl to louisiana. i really do not know if they are bad but 5 years is 5 years would you say.

is the switch to lithium a plug an go ? do i hav to changa any else if i go to lithium,charger etc


It takes some other changes too. The soc display won’t be accurate. It may void the warranty.
If you want more than 25mph or even just a battery swap, think about having a Fl. member do it before having it delivered.
@djgabriel2004 @LithiumGods - batteries @Old_Houseboater - gear change.
These are. Relatively new upgrades and a work in progress.
Ask you dealer if it has the noisy transmission recall done. As well as the aux battery install.

You crack me up. …

I bought a similar car last year. 2016 from a dealer in st. Louis with about 300 miles on it, with me being the first non-dealer owner. Warranty started the day I bought it and still under warranty today. First thing I did when it arrived was to send it to a local dealer to fix anything wrong I could find and they covered everything. Rear view mirror that had issues, cover for the charging receptacle that wouldn’t stay, drill drain holes to get water out of the frame, etc.

I did one of the full conversions on my 2016 - high voltage, gears, motor, lithium, etc and assumed the warranty would be completely voided. Was chatting with the dealer about that and he said it wouldn’t void everything, just the components that were changed (although I changed most of the expensive stuff that i’d want warrantied if broken anyway).

If you read the manual and warranty, the batteries should be covered based on purchase date. I didn’t look into this too much because I knew I was going to rip them out anyway. It will probably come down to how cool the service manager is and willing to help.

I need to post an update on my car publicly but I’m SUPER happy with the conversion. Took some time, $$$, trial and error, and lots of help from the guys on the forum (thanks again) to get where I am now. I try to drive it everywhere I can.


2016+ gems are awesome in my opinion, believe or not, crossing the 25mph limit is day and night if you want to keep up with traffic
The controller swap solution @inwo is offering will add ~ extra 10 mph with stock motor. Also if you combine it with Lithium the acceleration can be increased too to make it funnier.

We are still Testing the Speedometer solution, I can make it work for you but expect some hiccups :slightly_smiling_face:


Couldn’t agree more. I did an AC conversion on my prior legacy car and that car flew. I had zero interest in driving my 2016 until I did the conversion. It basically sat in my garage until I was able to get to upgrading.

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