Windshield Water Spots

I have a 2001 Gem 4 seater. The windshield is covered with water spots. I don’t want to make matters worse. Does anyone know if it is glass? What have you used to remove the spots?

I believe if it is street legal the windshield has to be safety glass. There should be identification information printed on the lower left corner of the windshield.
For hard water spots you need something like acetic acid ( vinegar) to help dissolve them. I’d suggest a scotch bright pad a light pressure with a lot of elbow grease.

A Redspyder said, white vinegar works best but I have never needed to use anything but a sponge. I might ad that I use a product called “Invisible Glass”, who’s slogan is “… makes glass invisible!”, really cleans and shines and makes glass look brand new. It also repels water much like some other products (Rain-X?) but none make the glass look as good as this one. For best results, spray on a light coating, then clean and “buff”… Then REPEAT.


Thank you for responding I see a couple areas on the windshield that are scratched. I am concerned it is not glass.