Will an older 3hp gem survive 96v

I received a free 02’ gem from a customer ( I repair Gems from time to time ). It was in rough condition but I got it going using cheap/ left over parts. I did buy a new pack. I read a lithium conversion post and it sounds like people are running 96v to the stock electronics, except charger. I am not ready to go lithium but I want to try adding an extra lead acid battery if it seems feasible. I would guess an air fan blowing air though the motor and of course a new charger would be needed.
Any experience with this idea out there?

Sure you can however:. Suggest you dump the 3hp and install a Ride for Fun 7.5 hp motor. You have a T1 controller that is easily programmable for increased performance. The 3hp is at its limits and will puke in short order with any added stress.

I know where you can get a good deal on a slightly used Ride For Fun!

Probably good advice but Im going to run the 3hp on 96v anyway. I have an extra 3hp motor so I can always return it to stock for cheap.

My gut feeling tells me it will be fine.
Any hills?

Use the stock charger on stock batteries.
Connect a 12v charger on the extra battery.
My idea connects the extra battery between main contactor and B+ terminal on controller.
Everything still sees 72v except power circuits feeding motor.
I can sell you a voltage spoof if that works, but I’ve been waiting for someone with the cajones to do it.

You can get 35 MPH out of the 3.5 just by reprogramming the controller. But it won’t last long. I grenaded a motor and took out a controller when I did it.

I think ours is 5hp? on our 2002. So far it is handling 96V ( T2 controller will not run over 96V, at least on ours)

We have had not issues, that is not to say that we might shell the motor in short order but for now … good.

It gets pretty hot on long runs, we do abut 35/37mph on a flat so we are maxing that motor for sure.