Wilderness EV

Does anyone know what happened to Wilderness EV ( e-volks.com). I’ve been trying to get a hold of them for over a week and all I get is an answering machine.

I tried about a week ago and didnt get through either.

I finally got thru to them. Turns out they took an extra long Labor Day weekend. I’ve got a Curtis 1221C controller that crapped out after about 5 miles. They still have not called me back with a return authorization number. Going on 2 weeks now waiting.:mad:

Start ranting in this thread then email them a link to this thread.

Heard back from Wilderness today after leaving a message that I was getting pissed. Apparently they are having some issues with the Curtis 1221C. Three controllers they’ve recently sold have also taken a dump.
They promised to call back this afternoon to get this resolved.

New recorded message @ WildernessEV today… “The number you dialed has been changed or disconnected” Tried it about 4 times just to make sure I had the number correct.
If anyone has sent a check to these folks and have not received their parts

The telephone number was reconnected yesterday pm. I finally got an email with the RA# yesterday afternoon. The controller is on it’s way back to Curtis. Has anybody else had trouble with a 1221C? How did the warranty go?

[B]CURTIS INSTRUMENTS!!![/B]After receiving a deffective controller a week ago, they informed me that they will now start their inspection of the controller( which is under warranty). The tech will then meet with his supervisor and the supervisor will then meet with the engineer to determine the cause of the controller failure.
This will take aprox. 1 week.( Just had a vision of Moe, Curly and Larry in Lab coats having a meeting yunk-yunk- yunk)
How many of us can go a month without a car? What if the starter on our ICE crapped out, who’s going to wait a month for parts.
This is insane!!!:mad: