Why are electric motorcycles not more popular?

When you bear in the mind the various issues associated with electric cars, such as weight, it does make you wonder why electric motorcycles are not more popular?

Small market and people don’t have a license.

I don’t think the average biker even knows they exist. I doubt you will find them, or even advertising for them in a showroom. If I was still a rider I would give serious thought o buying one, but then again i’m a bit of a geek.

Well as a motorcycle rider, and an EV enthusiast, I can tell you why I don’t have one yet.
When I ride a bike, I want the feeling of freedom, with the wind in your hair, and the open road in front of you stretching out for miles.
Now with an electric motorcycle, I have to think about how few miles I can really ride before turning around to go back home to plug it in to the wall.
I can’t fit enough batteries on a bike to get the kind of range I need. So instead of converting my bike, I am going to convert a car.
With a motorcycle, it’s all about range for me.

With a EV, it’s all about comfortable ride for me. There are common fears about range and charging, but no problems with it. The same freedom feelings without fuel exhaust.

Range anxiety has certainly reduced of late as more recharging stations are built.

Because they don’t look like this!

With a two seat option, battery pack trailer and over 300 miles per charge available, who could turn this down?