Can electric motorcycles survive cheap petrol/gasoline

The fall in the price of oil has had an impact upon the cost of running petrol/gasoline powered vehicles. Will it hit the popularity of electric motorcycles?

I don’t think so. Bikes, for the most part are a fun vehicle. Economy of operation doesn’t enter into the equation as often as it does with a car. In many cases the “look at me i’m different” factor has a bigger influence I believe electric bike sales will be just fine.

What say you?


Hi Rodney

I tend to agree with you - if you are a biker you are a biker, simple.

A few pounds here and there wont make a difference and electric motorcycles and bikes are very very economical. However, I am sure that bikers miss the roar of a traditional engine!


There is a LARGE group of cruising bikers that would WELCOME the silence of an electric. The Gold Wing Can Am group would buy an electric if it had an HONEST 2 up 125+ mile range. these large frame bikes might have the capacity to carry that much battery capacity.

Interesting - I sometimes think that the electric motorcycle market does not receive the coverage it should. It seems to be a market which has crept up on us but could be substantial in years to come. There seem to be fewer barriers to entry and concerns about electric motorcycles than electric cars?