When will the road become your Charging Station?

The below question and excerpt comes to us from one of our very own members. The entire article makes for a good read, so if you have a moment, take a few minutes to look it over.

Is wireless charging the answer?

It would appear that the more developed wireless charging systems revolve around parking bays and charging pads, but there are talks of wireless charging systems covering specific lengths of a motorway. You heard me right, entire lanes and pieces of a highway as one big charging pad. Now this, “charge as you drive” idea, if possible, is the holly grail in charging station technology. Let’s not forget the home charging market which has the potential to grow significantly in the short, medium and longer term. How easy would it be to park up your car and recharge via a built-in wireless charging pad?

Maybe in your grand childrens lifetime but I predict never. For the same reason Nickola Tesla gave up on broadcast electricity at the turn of the last century.

There is no practical way to meter and charge for radiated electricity.

What say you.


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What “meter”? :wink: - GPS baby…

I am thinking it will boil down to a per mile electric “toll”.

I know this, the insurance folks are working this out. They can see the era of the self-driving car approaching and are beginning to offer insurance “by-mile-driven” instead of the traditional monthly fee they somehow calculate based on a person’s risk profile. In some cases they are already offering it to Uber commuters who have long ditched their vehicles.

This trend, of allocated cost based on mile traveled, might be the only way around your 12 foot hurdle.

Any objections?

Surely we aren’t a million miles away from “parking pads” where your batteries are recharged as you park over them - a simple detector could switch on the charger?

The idea of charging as you drive on a road is a little more difficult - one thing nobody has ever answered is the issue of rain. What happens to these charging roads when it is raining because we all know that electric and rain do not mix.


Could the solution for rain come by way of this technology?

Very interesting technology - however they do it, protecting a wireless EV charging system from water is vital.

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