When will GEM follow the rest

I keep looking but I don’t see anything yet. First it was Aptera, then Ford, then GM and now Rivian.
I wonder when GEM will announce they are moving from J1772 to NACS? LOL

Regardless, not doubt Dave will beat them to it.

I think Waev is still trying to figure out what they are doing with their current product line.

and they are not really doing that. NACS is primarily for Level Three DC charging (all tho Tesla does use it on their home charger). J1772 is level 1 AC charging and will likely not change much. As there are plenty of cheap adapters to make that standard work will almost anything.

it is all 3 levels… There are 2 comm pins and ground just like J1772 but the 2 big pins are much larger than J1772 and they are DC-/L2 and DC+/L1 which means it can carry AC on L1-only for Level 1 charging, AC on L1 and L2(240VAC) for Level 2 charging or DC on those 2 big pins(upto 400V 80A).

But I agree, that the GEM and little carts won’t need Level 2 and J1772 is cheap and still available for a very long time.

it was a lame attempt at a joke. Although anyone with a Tesla or NACS might consider modifying their GEM if they did have a J1772 or use an adapter. Like 5-10 years from now.