Wheel offset

what offset do I need if i were to replace the STOCK 10 in wheels with 12 in wheels. also, does anyone know what size tires i can run safely. thanks

Hey Jrejr,
did you ever get an answer to your question?

NO sir… do you know what it is? thanks


[quote=jrejr2345;21960]NO sir… do you know what it is? thanks


Well, one reason I asked is I’m planning on changing my 12" out for 14" and will have a set for sale soon, tires are fair. if you’re interested, let me know.
as for the tire size you can run… depends on the rim size you are using plus weather or not you want to use spacers or lift kits.

What vehicle are you working on? I do not know of GEMs ever being equipped with 10" rims.

Hey Daniel,
Don’t know about other years but the 05 e2 was offered in 10" or 12" wheels as standard equipment according to my manual.

I see, the optional chrome wheels. Industrial users like me will never see these.

Never say never, one might just be heading your way! :smiley: