What time of day or night do you charge your EV?

Surveys suggest EV owners tend to charge their vehicles at home between midnight and 7am when electricity usage triples. What time do you charge your NEV?

I charge my car after each trip… usually am in before dark… evening charge… although I didn’t drive it yesterday or today… re-plugged it this afternoon


After every trip

Every trip too golf cart or gem car. Also I can’t tell any increase in power bill since I’ve got my volt. And it charges a lot longer than then other two

I had no power bill increase with the GEM… bought a meter and I have never used more than 25 cents of electricity… can’t speak to a Volt but have a friend in California who has one and charges it at home via 110v I think he only said it took about 8 hours to charge… my GEM charges in 4-6 hours…