How many miles a week do you do in your NEV?

There is no doubt that the popularity of NEVs is growing so we thought it would be interesting to see how many miles a week you do in your NEV.

Are NEVs as efficient as many people suggest?

I’m going 60-70 miles/week.

Hi Tincup

How often do you charge up?



I charge it daily, when I’m not driving it’s on the charger.


Car show season and coffee for me… I am probably putting 100-160 miles on the car per week… like Paul I plug my car in at the end of each day… I may cheat and plug in along the way if I need to… can gain a couple of bars back in an hour or so… have found plugs available at car show venues or business…

have found the car shows a fun place to sit and talk the GEM car and the NEV/LSV for an alternative way of saving energy for the ‘city dwellers’ … don’t think I’ve sold any but have raised interest :slight_smile: