How many miles do you drive a week?

The average driver covers around 70 miles a day through the week which is less than the full charge available on a Nissan Leaf 2013 - about 129 miles on a full charge.

How many miles do you drive each day?

I average about 80 miles per weekday with less on weekends for a weekly average of about 500 miles.

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60 miles a week…

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about 20 km a day

Hi Edylau

Would you feel comfortable and safe driving more that 20km a day in your EV?



The same thing goes for me except when I want to go elsewhere. My daily routine involves going to work. I am pretty sure that with more charging stations, I will cover longer distances. I still feel afraid of running out of batteries in the middle of nowhere even if I have some spare.

Dear average about 30 to 35kms per day but it goes up on the weekends.

around 85 km daily and i feel very safe while driving and eco friendly

I drive close to 57 miles to and from work with an internal combustion engine car.

I cannot wait until they have these aluminum fuel cells they are developing in electric cars. I hear it will extend the range 100 miles or more plus the range you already have on your battery. You only need to fill up on water for the aluminum fuel cell about every 150 miles.

About twenty five km everyday.