How often do you recharge your neighbourhood electric vehicle?

While the issue of journey anxiety often rears its head in relation to larger electric vehicles, how often do you recharge your neighbourhood electric vehicle? Do you feel that the technology has improved of late? Are you looking for further improvements?

We have 2 GEMs and plug them in whenever they are not in use This is recommended in the operator’s manual.

After every use.



I was thinking about this same question the other day, and was wondering if you short cycle the batteries (Not run down enough before charging) will it act like a cordless drill battery and shorten its life span ?
But if you charge it everytime and that is recommended, then thats what I will do. Thanks.

I’m just a driver but I always recharge after each drive mainly because I don’t know how far my next trip might be… I do have Range Anxiety want a full Battery at the start of a trip…


Ours stays on the charger whenever it isn’t being used – I installed a plug under our carport just for it.

I carry an extension cord in case I go somewhere that I can charge it, but there are no such facilities around here.

that’s the way to travel bif… the extension cord is a great way to meet new people…