What Is This?

Hi Gang,

I’m a relatively new Ford Think owner (7 months). It came with the add-on electrical gadget shown in the attached file. It is mounted on the console. The previous owner said it was installed by a friend who owns two Ford Thinks and is a really smart guy. He told her it would be beneficial in some way but she can’t remember what that was and has no idea from her experience using it what the benefit might be. She did say it becomes extremely hot when turned on. For that reason, I have kept it turned off.

My questions are: 1.) What is it? 2.) What is it intended to do? 3.) Should I keep the toggle switch turned on or off and why? 4.) Could its presence be related in any way to an ongoing problem on this vehicle in which the headlights ALWAYS become extremely dim (practically useless) and the instrument cluster light disappears entirely within a few seconds of my turning on the headlights.

Any shared wisdom from you knowledgable guys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. After posting this, I discovered that you can’t just click on the thumbnail photo to see a larger version. You have to download the file. If you’re on an Apple device, you “download linked file” by right clicking the trackpad (mouse equivalent) - not sure what the Microsoft download procedure is. Anyway, if you open the file it shows the photo large and very clearly. I promise the file is not infected.

Looks like a so called desulfinater for your batteries. IMHO 2% useful and 98% BS in that size. The only benefactor was the guy who sold the thing.

Commercial units do work but its a real machine that takes over a week of constant cycling to do any good.

Strongly suggest you get rid of it it’s ugly.


What is it connected to?
Batteries or motor?

They are connected to the batteries.

Hi Rodney,

I can’t thank you enough for the quick and highly definitive answer to a question I had chased unsuccessfully for months before coming here.

I’ve always kinda hated the looks of the thing myself but didn’t want to mess with it until I knew what it as. Rest assured that the flux capacitor or whatever it was that you called it will be gone by this time tomorrow.

Again, my sincere thanks to you.

Dana point, CA

Looks suspiciously like my next project. :smiley:

Only mine connects to the motor.

Don’t say it’s ugly.:cool:

HI again,

Just wanted to circle back to say thanks again - and also to apologize for the flux capacitor wisecrack earlier. I had never heard of a desulfator previously (thereby reveling my abject ignorance of the inner workings of a lead acid battery) and found the term baffling. Armed with a new search term, thanks to Rodney, I was able to go online, do some reading, watch some YouTube videos, and gain a level of understanding I didn’t have before but which appears to be essential for anyone facing the periodic investment of $1,500, give or take, in battery replacement. Anyway I can see I have a lot to learn. I’m grateful for this forum and, in this case, specifically to Rodney, for getting me pointed down the right road.


These little Baby Desulfinators and Flux Capacitors are sold by the same people.They also sell Epsom salt to treat your batteries with and call it Rejuvenating fluid.

Gotcha - and also the Brooklyn Bridge if they could, right? If I’m not careful I just might end up getting semi-educated on this site. Many thanks.

If you have the time take 3 hours and review the posts in the GEM sub forum. I might seem a little tedious but most of what you read will also apply to your machine since they use many of the same components…

I didn’t realize the two vehicles shared some of the same DNA. I’ll definitely do as you suggest. I’d be crazy not to take advantage of a great resource like that. Thanks again.

Thanks again, Rodney. I’ve been reading the GEM forum diligently, as per your suggestion, and I can feel my NEV I.Q. beginning to rise ever so slightly.