Ford think charger reading full batteries but dash saying batteries need charging


I just received a ford think from my wife family It’s been sitting out side for 2 years. When I got it I bought brand new batteries and cleaned it up. It was running great but having an issue hopefully you guys can help. The charger is reading batteries are fully charged but the dash is telling me that the batteries need charging. When I charge it the dash is not showing that it’s charging. I checked the fuses and notice that one of the fuses under the seat it bad I also notice that It only has one 10amp fuse and it’s missing 2 more. I don’t know what type of fuses it needs I’m guessing two more 10amp fuses and for the one under the seat 20 amp 32 v glass fuse. (That’s what the good fuse is) I’m hoping if I get all the fuses installed this will fix my problem but I will see. The golf cart still runs but the dash is telling me it’s going to die soon so don’t really wan’t to drive it till it dies. Dose anyone have the manual so I can get the right fuses it needs or Has anyone ran Into this problem before and if so can you guys give me some advice on this matter any advice will be really appreciated thanks blessing!

There are two 30 amp fuses and one 10 amp fuse under the drivers seat. All need to be high voltage fuses.

Which charger do you have? If it’s yellow what are the lights doing on the charger when it’s plugged in?

Send me your email address and I’ll send you the manual

I have the yellow charger. I don’t know if you can see from the pick but on the charger it shows the Wiggly line And the charger full indicator light. So I need two 30amp high voltage . glass fuses and one 10 amp. fuse? Yeah the manual will be awesome thanks.


Thanks for all your help really appreciate it.

Manual sent.

Your charger has been updated to a Delta Q so for wiring info refer to TSB 04-24-9 that I sent you.

The wiggly line shows the charger is plugged in and the five bar line that the batteries are fully charged. I would check battery pack voltage by measuring voltage from battery #1 negative to battery #6 positive. You should have over 75 volts if the batteries are in fact fully charged.

Yes you need two 30 amp and one 10 amp high voltage glass fuses. Don’t use automotive fuses. The charger fuse is the center one and should be 30 amps

I would look on the opposite side of the fuses shown in your picture and make sure they’re still wired and haven’t been bypassed.

Thank you so much I will check it out and buy the fuses.


This is the 5 bar that shows fully charged???

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