What if I imported one into the US anyway?

…So, what if I purchased a Twizy and brought to the US. Almost never see a cop in my neighborhood and if I do, I am prepared to pay the fine. I think I can keep up with the repairs…so why not?

I recognize this is more of compliance question or a customs question…

It sure is nice.

best of luck.

Man, GO FOR IT I want to drive it. Especially on your nickle :smile: )


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Ah, I see the problem, the car is not strictly speaking street legal in the USA?

What are the specific issues? Surely Renault could create a fix for the largest EV/NEV market in the world?

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It looks like they are looking to penetrate the market through Nissan. The vehicle would pass all zero emission standards we have here in the US.

I do not understand why it might be illegal, other than a specific state law where Kilowatt might live. Here, in NM, almost anything, certainly the cheapest Chinese 36 volt golf cart type, can be licensed here. There is a GEM running around town. And I have a three wheel (1992) German City El licensed and insured in NM.

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They have a fleet of twizys in Sanfrancisco.

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As EVs become more and more popular the chances are that either the laws will change to allow more vehicles or the authorities will clamp down on current laws. In theory you are taking a chance if the vehicle turns out to be illegal in your area but in practice the general consensus seems to be you will be ok. However, there is a risk importing one.