What do you think of Nissan's new battery replacement program?

Nissan has announced a battery replacement program for Nissan Leaf drivers in the US. It costs just $100 a month and will allow you to replace a battery for no extra cost if it falls below 70% capacity on a full charge and there are any defects. Is this a positive move?

Yes and no, long run no, shorter term, yes.

all in all battery packs will cost about $8-10K for a user to replace them or buy them brand new…

they say the battery packs should be good for about 10 years or so.

12 months x $100.00= $1,200.00

$1,200.00 x 10 years=[B]$12,000.00[/B]

It all depends on where you want to spend the money, and it’s basically saying that they are guaranteeing the product.

I agree - it is probably a good move in the short term while battery technology catches up.