Old Leaf with low miles - issues?

I’m looking at buying a second-hand 2011 Leaf which is currently in transit from Japan. The car has done less than 4000 miles (6000km) since new so less than 1000 miles per year on average.

Are there any known issues with older under-utilised batteries?

If so, could LeafSpy be used to reveal any problems?

Leaf had/has battery upgrades available at VERY reasonable cost.

Thanks Old Houseboater. I’m certainly hoping I won’t need to upgrade the battery at ANY cost, but could you please elaborate on what upgrades you are referring to?

As I understand: If original batteries degraded faster than programmed an upgraded set was/is available at a very moderate cost.

Got this info from the owner of a 2012


Ok, that’s interesting Rodney. It will need some more research but I wonder if the deal would be transferable to subsequent owners and also available in country other than the country of origin. It would definitely be full marks to Nissan if the answer to both of those is Yes! Also when the battery is already more than 5 years old. I read somewhere that the original battery warranty in Japan was for 8 years, but Nissan dealers here in New Zealand won’t honour it, even if they import the second-hand cars themselves.

So I’m really just wondering if there are any warning signs I could pick up through LeafSpy that could alert me to any potential problems.

Hopefully it will be available in multiple countries.

A forlorn hope!

Anyway I didn’t buy the car concerned because LeafSpy showed that it had one near-dead cell.