What changes were made from 2005 - 2015 to make steering easier?

Hi, new person in the forum. Really appreciate the information shared in this forum! Have purchased an older e2. Would like to understand what changes were made in later models to make the steering easier? Did they rework the the steering gear; introduce new gearing ratios? If yes, can one of the newer steering gear units (2005+) be retrofitted into a 2000 e2? Can one replace the entire steering rack assembly with one from 2005 and later?


They put an extension on the steering arm in later models.

You can add an EZ STEER

Polaris changed the suspension in 2005 the new suspension included a change in steering ratio that followed in 2006, In 2007 They again changed the ratio that carried thru 2015. Pre 2005 carts
can be converted to the later ratio with the addition of the EZ STEER.


thank you both!

if you can get a 2015 steering rack, can you replace your pre 2005 rack with it? or are they so different that it will not work?

Very interested in EZ Steer as well.