Were can find golf cart battiers ideas?

I am sorry for starting a new thread and i have been trying to find out all that can in trying to find a used golf cart battery information on web and up close but with very little effect.i have been unsuccessful in finding i have found out that most of the golf companies are gas powered or have a no no policy in which they will not sell nor give the batteries away for free now i ask this only cause i am stuck on a very poor money budget but would still like to build an Ev car.this policy has been with other companies as well were they will not sell nor give used batteries for free and i know i need the deep cycle.i don’t claim to be a pro at what i do and i am only wanting to get used batteries if at all possible. any advise as were i might be able to pick used golf cart batteries on the web or any deep cycle used that any one would knows of or in Utah area will I’ll be happy to accept. thx Ned wrong